Darling, Darling.
25. Sacramento via Portland.
It's all happening.
If you were single I would do anything to be with you.

Even commit murder?



Wasn’t sure what socks you wanted to see in shoes anon so :’D

Restocked these and the pink lacey cat socks <3 ^o^ I kept a pair of each for myself this time around :’D


Ok, for one thing, you said "Whether I care for my health is my own business", well why can't you step up to the plate and admit you just don't care about your health? Isn't that what fat acceptance is about? Any female who cares would not allow themselves to reach nearly 300 lbs. Also, it IS my business. Fat people get more diseases and cost the USA over 1 trillion dollars a year to treat. By choosing diseases, you are burdening all taxpayers involved. You couldn't afford healthcare yourself.

I’m not concerned for myself because I have no health problems or signs of them. At all.
If you’re going to bring up the cost of health care then you need to being up other factors. Skin color, age, if you are a smoker, these are all factors that bring up the price of health care. So are you also racist, ageist, and railing against people to stop smoking? If not then you are clearly just prejudiced against fat people which is still literally of no concern to you. Also, stop hiding behind anon. If you have opinions as intensely as you do at least stand behind them.



i cant send u flowers 2 ur work but i can put em in ur askbox ✿❀❁✿ have a nice day :)✿

Oh hayyyyyy thanks boo!


i love jane

Everyone just send flowers to my work k?!


aww baby